Nearby List Challenge


Here is how it works. Someone posts their nearby list. Note: it must have 9 pokemon. Then, we all rank the Pokemon from best to worst. Someone says the best, someone says the second best, so on. Then another posts their nearby list.




Let’s rank these from best to worst.


Meowth of course the best!


Haha and the worst is Paras @Branebs



Best is eggxecute, then roselia (it could be shiny and has a good evolution), then swablu because it could be shiny, then nidoran for the cheap evolution, then cynda because typhlosion is ok, then meowth numel, and paras.


  1. Spheal


Maybe stantler could be higher becuase of rarity. And roselia has a really good evolution and could be shiny so that could be higher up


Kirlia raid!!!


then roselia (it could be shiny and has a good evolution)

Wait, I thought that Roselia was just shiny for the Dortmund weekend?


All shiny pokemon released will always have a chance of being shiny again.


Oh, I heard that these were event only


No, once a shiny is released, you can always find them.


Here’s my nearby list.


Swinub, minun, murkrow, poochenya, pidgey, ledyba, ekans, tailow, numel.


And Numel?


It’s too hot outside for Pokemon


this is mine