Naming a pokemon


Today, I caugt a mewtwo (finally) and wanted to change its name to
‘98 PC-P’ symbolizing that it was 98% and had the moveset phycho cut/psychic. Does anyone know why it wouldnt let me have that name because of ‘inappropriate content’??


Huh. Try 98 pc/p


First of all a 98 % first catch would be something @NotanotherKangaskhan would blow up over :joy:


@Luke can you use Clacy IV


I had a 91 from an ex already.


Yes, why?


Whatever I thought you could just di the IV then i realized you wanted the moveset :joy:


To answer the original question. I think it’s picking up the PC P as the illicit drug.
I have no Trouble with PC/Psy for that move set.

98 makes me :sob::sob::sob:


I just fixed it by tm ing it to confusion… it its just ‘98 C-P’…which works just fine


Thanks for the help guys @moderators can close this


@Jormdeworm i guess



I’m not online in the night😄