My Rayquaza's Moveset


My Rayquaza have Air Slash & Aerial Ace, Should I use A Fast and A Charged TM on it?

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Mine has that moveset too. I think you should hold off that Charge TM unless you cant catch a Rayquaza with Outrage on it before the deadline. thats also what im doing.

EDIT: Both Air Slash and Dragon Tail are good options on it.


I only have two legendary Pokémon - Ho-Oh and Rayquaza
I will try to get one more before deadline


DT O is better (DT=Dragon Tail and O=Outrage)


DTO is better for overall damage, but if you want to use it as a flying type attacker (For Machamp raids for example) then go with full flying
I wouldnt use tms if you wont power him up, tho