My ideas for Pokémon Centers


So I had this idea let’s do like Blue PokéStops and Pink PokéStops. Blue PokéStops could give pokey balls and stuff like that and ultra balls. And Pink PokéStops you get potions and stuff like that. Because Player Versus Player is going to be coming out. That means People are going to be Battling like crazy. Pokémon are gonna be fainting like crazy. Your gonna be using potions like crazy. So, guess what that means we need a Pokémon Center. But, instead of Niantic making this huge building for the Pokémon Center and it requires a lot of art. I was thinking hey let’s just keep it simple and use what we have already. Let’s just use a PokéStop for Pokémon Centers instead. I was also thinking you would get at least 15 items for Spinning the Pink PokéStop. If Chansey was set as your Buddy then that would get you 30 items. And if Blissey is your Buddy then you would get 45 items. @Pokemon


Awesome! I have always wanted these, and maybe 1/10 pokestops could become these? Or you could choose what you want before spinining the stop?


@Law2010 what do you think??


I think 1/10th is too small of an amount. However, if 1/2 is too much then what about 1/4 or even has high as 1/3. Choosing what you want is being too nice.


Well it would be very hard if my favorite stop (closest) turned into that because I rely on that for balls.


:thinking: Not sure what you mean. Could you please explain.


Oh I meant I rely on it for balls.


Ok then what about 1/5 PokéStops???


i came up with this in february :face_with_monocle:


When my idea came to me was after I did a Registeel Raid. I was having a conversation about my ideas for Pokémon Go and that’s when I came up with my ideas about Pokémon Centers as Pink PokéStops giving out only Healing Items Like Potions. And if you have a Chancy as your Buddy Pokémon then you get 30 items. And if you have a Blissey as your Buddy then you get 45 Healing Items like Potions.


Registeel was in July. It even could’ve been after a Reggice raid but I am 90+ percent sure it was after a Reggisteel raid.


Pokecentres should just give out 15 items. Most rurals dont got certain pokemon, so having chancy might not work out. Plus new joiners wont have it, and could be rural.


Yes I agree that the minimum should be 15 items. Chancy and Blissey IF you have only help you get more Items. But if you Don’t have either one then you still get the minimum of 15 Items.


You need the minimum of 15 especially since PVP is around the corner and our Pokémon are going to Faint much faster.


Trust me,people will battle like 3 times at max and then lose interest,especially if it would cost dust like trading
This would hinder rurals even more, since if you wouldnt be lucky enough to get one near you wouldnt have any potions
And we urbans dont need more healing items, I have 400 Max Revives and they keep comming


You make very good points.


However, I still think we are going to be using potions more often. And If that is the case then Niantic should increase the number of items we get per PokéStop. And give especially Rural Players a P.O.I. System already.


When the Rural Players do get a P.O.I. System, that could maybe change everything. If that were to happen then that would allow topics or situations to be reviewed again that are partially or totally broken currently. For an example multiple Types of PokéStops with different functions for each Type.


P.O.I. Is Point Of Interest @SnivyStar


Oh yeah duh! :sweat_smile:. I am vert confused today