My Community Day Idea's


For August we already know its Eevee.
October: Ralts
November: Cyndaquil
January 2019:Totodile
February 2019:Bagon
March 2019:Treecko
April 2019: Trapinch
May 2019:Torchic
June 2019:Chansey
July 2019:Mudkip
August 2019: Feebas
September 2019: Turtwig
October 2019: Lapras
November 2019:Chimchar
December 2019: Slakoth
January 2020: Piplup
February 2020:Gible
March 2020:Snivy
April 2020:Axew
May 2020: Tepig
June 2020:Sandile
July 2020: Oshawott
August 2020: Roggenrola
September 2020: Axew
October 2020: Chespin
November 2020: Goomy
December 2020: Fennekin

If im right,everyone can edit it.You may not remove something,but you may add something.


Gen 4 possible Pokemon would be Garchomp (cant think of any good exclusive move tho)


Can i change puplip to piplup xD


So they are going to skip torchic and mudkip?


Never mind,i edited it.:smile:


It will get hard to edit because by 2020 gen 5 will be released.


Nope, that’s too predictable, you can’t actually think that Niantic wants to be predictable!


I also predicted Larvitar for June and Squirtle for July, so yeah, I think Niantic is predictable.


Lapras as CD?Why?


Is the list already full?!:astonished:Well lets bring 5 more months in…


Then we will be at 2021!


Well squirtle for july almost everyone new.


It will get hard as gen 5 pokemon names are weird and kinda hard to memorize

This might somewhat help you.


Whoever put lapras thanks for representing me and @alex9945


It does.


Good then😀


added roggenrola


There is no way there will actually be Lapras but I cant really do anything about that.


Lol I already predicted Squirtle for July in March.