Mr. Mime in gen 4


Mr Mime will become global and benevolent aliens appear and blow up the planet to put us out of our misery.


I need a Mr. Mime to come clean my house.


Same. Mr.Mime would be useful to every trainer if he became global! Not as a pokemon lol.


Maybe that’s what they would do for the Kanto event? Or another capture challenge


I think me mine and mine jr will stay regional. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I really hope they keep regional Pokémon.


Tauros for europe


If there’s something I don’t think, it’s that.


Taurus is in North America because bizons live there. Mr mime is European because the art of mime is French. Bizons don’t live in Europe.

Kangaskhan is based on a kangaroo, that is why it lives solely in Australia.

Corsola is based on coral. That grows in tropical regions.

Tropius is based on bananas, dinosaur and tropical forests. One of the biggest banana export continents is African.

Farfetch’d is based on the Japanese idiom “a duck comes bearing green onions” and it translates to “something surprising but convenient”. For it is a Japanese idiom, it only is seen in east Asia.

Torkoal is based on turtles and smog and volcanoes. I do not know why they are exclusive to the Indian region.

And relicanth… a relic fish? I do not know why it is exclusive to Oceania, excluding Australia.


Perhaps we europeans get a sinnoh regional variant instead of mr mime and mime jr…

We could get chatot. It is based on a music note. And a lot of composers of classical music, like Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, are European.

Perhaps the Vatican gets arceus? (Just kidding)


My guess:

Gen 1 regionals get removed (world wide released) and we get 4 new regionals for the original zones for gen IV?

It solves the Mime jr issue, and it prevents having a gazillion regionals in the game.
I see Corsola at Dortmund at some sort of proof for this. Why else not just give Tauros in Dortmund? Because they’re gonna drop Gen 1 regionals world wide?

It’s either gonna be that, or they just don’t release Mime Jr at all.


There are too less possibilities for that I guess.


Jormdeworm is right. There are only two non-legendary Pokemon that aren’t legendary or mythical, spiritomb and chatot.



What about Pachirisu and Carnivine? I also imagine shellos could be hemisphere based, and possibly burmy as well.


Forgot those ones lol. But honestly, I do not think those will be regionals. Perhaps carnivine, but I think not. Shelloses formes could be regional.


Pachi makes a perfect regional


As far as the pattern of what Niantic does I would say that makes sense. Then again you can never be sure. What regional


I have never seen a bison before in the wild here, have 2 2200cp 95% IV tauros I would be willing to trade but of course no global trade just local


I’ve seen a few bison in the wild when I went to Wyoming about 30 years ago. But I still see lots of Tauros. There actually is a bison farm on my way to go pick up my daughter from my ex-wife’s house. Those are the only buffalo my other kids have seen in the wild. We still haven’t seen any real Mr. Mime. (I actually think that’s a good thing, but I still need him for my collection.)


Would trade for him to… are you in USA


I’m in the U.S and have a Mr Mime