Mr. Mime in gen 4


Technically it’s North America’s regional


I honeatly hope, with all the involved complications with the upcoming Gen 4 update, that they abolish the idea of regional Pokemon.


Quite sure Canada doesnt have him


Canada gets NOOOO LOVE. I can legit rage @ this. I swear they care more a bout all these Eastern countries more. UMMM UP NORTH in Canada. It was madness in 2016…it dyed out tho. Canada gets NO events, NO rares, Hardly spawns, Hardly pokestops, Shitty gyms. Hell on Earth for Pokemon Go HONESTY


I agree


Even though he’s creepy, I still want a Mr. Mime. Not sure what I’d do with him though. Have never used Farfetched, Corsola, or Heracross in the game. I only use weak Tauroses I catch as gym defenders I can transfer once killed. Regionals are stupid except for Pokedex entries.


Here in Holland I only see Mr. Mime in gyms That are themed to Be gyms with only regionals. Only i have seen those themed gyms with regionals only once sinds the gym update…


I live in Europe and I am sick of it. it pops up everywhere


I hope they unlock the gen 1 regionals. However, knowing niantic, they won’t


So there are three options.

  1. Mr. Mime will become globally.
  2. Mr. Mime will become globally and Europe get a new regional in gen 4.
  3. Mime Jr. will only hatch from European eggs.

    1. Mr. Mime will become globally and that’s it.
    1. Mr. Mime will become globally and Europe gets a new gen 4 specie.
    1. Mime Jr. can only be hatched at European eggs.
    1. Other (what?)

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I’m getting tired of Tauros here in North America. He sucks and I just leave him in gyms everywhere. Got plenty to trade someone for Mr. Mime if they ever implement that feature.


Hah I got plenty of these Mr. Mimes and haven’t got Tauros so I will :slight_smile:


^^^No problem. They actually just need to do away with Regionals. Got so excited to get Farfetched and then realized he actually sucks donkey balls.


Maybe Smeargle could replace him?
He has pretty much the same theme as Mime, but I guess people would complain


Could, could…


I’m from Europe (UK to be precise) and we really don’t care for Mr mime but would really suck if we everyone could get our regional but we couldn’t get others… Though a new regional would be great!!!


I agree, maybe they would make it so all regionals could be obtained through eggs??


That’s a great idea…:sob:


Aha I know that pain! I’ve been catching them just to complete the weather boost field quests but still hate them!!