Moltres Day is About to Be Confirmed


Be prepared for a stronger move on Moltres and the anouncement, it is coming soon.


September 8th?!???


Thats gonna be fun. Work from 22:00 to 06:00. Sleep at 07:30. wake up at 10:30 to do Moltres from 11:00 to 14:00 and then go sleep again cause work again at 22:00 :sweat_smile:


Most likely for September 8th, so get prepared


These days are actually really good if you can play, and Moltres is the best fire type! :wink:


I really hope it’s a week later… I’ll get married the day before, and I don’t think I can persuade my level 39 husband to hurry out to raid the morning after :laughing:


If you both play… Congrats! :grin:


Congratulations, a raid battle to solidify the marriage. lol.


Congrats in advance!


Congratulations @kRe


Thanks guys, but he can still say no :wink::laughing::joy:

Anyway, yeah… Moltres day is the thing we are all waiting for to bridge the time gap to the ultra bonus… I hope, I can do at least some raids, whenever it will take place.


It is on September 8. Featuring the new move, sky attack. Shiny is confirmed. Sorry, @kRe :sweat_smile:


Haha, seen the notification in the game?





You are very up to date about Go news in games


In the afternoon it is much easier, much less people are active.


Almost midnight here :scream:

And just 4 hours till I have to get up.


Midnight? Where do you live?


The Netherlands. :netherlands: