Missing Unown Alphabet


Which UNOWN do you still need?

This article is outdated but a good reference to the released Unown.


I still need all of them. I don’t even have 1 yet.


I only still need… them all…


NEED them ALL!


I have only 13 Unown, all from events.


Idk which one I have soooo I’m going to say I need 27 of them


How many in total? 26 + 2 right?


yes thats right





I need all


I’ve got 9 different ones.
I’m really hoping they will release Unknown as a Raid Boss. You battle a swarm of Unknown and once defeated a Radom Letter is given to catch. Everyone in the Raid could get a different Letter.


never even saw one


Me, neither. Unown is something truly unknown, except for what others have posted about it.


Me too.
You know, during the Chikorita day, we saw a Meltan on the radar, thinking it was a Unown…


I still need them all :sweat_smile:


Me too! I need them ALL!


Niantic is using Unown to lure more players to their local events. But eventually they’ll have to release Unown to all the players. They can only be found in certain places now, but are super dooper extremely insanely rare. They should be more common, but still rare like Larvitar, Solrock or maybe a little bit more common like Ralts because there are 28 different forms and it’ll take a lot of time to find them all. Gen 4 is coming in waves, Gen 1 is complete for many players (I still need Mewtwo), so it’s time to start completing Gen 2. There should be a Smeargle event and regionals event (there was a Corsola event in Europe, but we still need Heracross) and Lugia and Ho-Oh as research breakthrough rewards.

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