Mew CP a little disappointing


Anyone else completed special research and got Mew? I was dissapointed with the CP… this was after using 23 Mew candy too…


I AM. Like i said about many other pokemon idc bout stats. The CP on it is ugly low making me not want to use it.

Poor Mew low af pointless almost. Very disappointed. My cousin doesnt even want Mew cause it’s CP is low af. He actually quit cause it’s pretty pointless to put the effort unless you want Mew.


Honestly it’s more for people like me who want a completed Pokédex. If you care more about it’s cp level it may not be worth it to put in all that work to get it


I couldn’t care less what it’s CP is, IT’S MEW!!! Use rare candy to power it up if you want.


Cp means nothing


aw yeah, i think that’s definitely a bit disappointing… rare candies, here we go!


Who cares about CP, its attack isnt high enough to compensate for the lack of STAB


I’m more of a collector that just wants to fill his pokedex…im not too precious on cp i just would have expected it to be a bit higher considering its Mew… still happy ive got it.


Just a weak trophy.


Why should you want a high CP Mew? CP is only useful for gyms, but you can’t put Mew in a gym so idc much about Mew’s stats. I see Mew more as a collector’s item.


Cause some people like strong high CP. They would use it to fight in Gyms. Can’t do that since it useless.


Agree. But still a trophy worth having :slight_smile:


Best trophy atm, dont get me wrong. I just like my Mewtwo a little more cause i use it. But rather look at Mew float around.


It’s pretty good actually, due to it’s versatility in terms of movesets


I wouldn’t complain about it, it is a trophy and an enormous accomplishment. Be happy that you have it! I don’t yet.


I’ve been saving all my TMs until I get Mew.


exactly,if you want it to be a higher cp, use rare candys and power it up


Thats not what i ment.
I just mean, cp means nothing, nothing is calculated on cp, its just a value to tell a little bit how strong that pokemon is


ok your right there


mew is more of a trophy pokemon you wouldn’t battle with it but if you want to waste your rare candies go for it