Metagross as an attacker


So I finally managed to get my Pokedex Metagross today after hatching a 96IV from a 10KM egg.

My question is this: How does it stack up as an attacker?

At the moment, these is no real use for steel type attackers in the meta, so I’ll be going for a psychic moveset. But from your experience, how does it stack up against the other psychic attackers?

I probably will only be using it for soloing Machamps (which I already have a squad capable of doing). But if Metagross works well, I’d happily swap out one of the lower tier attackers in that team.

What are you thoughts? Do you get much use from Metagross?


Has a horrible movepool and not as great attack as some other choices
Seriously, you are better off just using Dragonize


I currently have Beldum as my buddy and I’m 3 candies away from evolving it. My plan is to just power it up as I catch or hatch future Beldums. Have no idea how good of an attacker it is yet.


It’s a good attacker. Move pool is pretty good, but would swap psychic for futuresight and earthquake is useless on metagross.


Can it learn future sight?


I have a maxed out 100iv metagross and it’s definitely more of a tanky attacker, it can pretty easily sweep a gym but it’s not the fastest



Zen Headbutt PSYCHIC (fast)
Bullet Punch STEEL (fast)
Flash Cannon STEEL (1 bar, charged)
Earthquake GROUND (1 bar, charged)
Psychic PSYCHIC (1 bar, charged)


Worth the investment to power it up?


If you have the resources, yes
If you dont have much and dont desperately need something to bust gyms, dont do it, there are more important Pokemon (like Dragonite, TTar, Kyogre)


For me? Yes, he was worth powering up. Have 3 and 2 are level 40 (1 being a perfect). I prefer his steel moveset, which is good against psychics. Steel isn’t really useful now but I enjoy soloing Jynx and Granbull with my 3 Metagross. It is all a matter of preference tbh. I worked on my Salamence before Metagross since I could use Salamence in more ways than Metagross. If you have the stardust to spare, the yes but if you have other pokemon to power up, your dust may be better spent on them as you may not find a big use for Metagross right now. I love mines and have 0 regrets.


Yeah I think that’s fair. I’m working on a team of Machamps and a team of Golems at the moment so I think I’d rather get them powered up first. I’ll keep him as a project for later on.


Ya he definitely cannot learn future sight.


Hatched a 100% too, and went full Steel moveset with it, since charge move Psychic isn’t that great (You’re better with mons that can learn Futuresight). It’s currently at lvl 35, and it may be one of the fews that I’ll max out once I hit lvl 40.
Steel isn’t that great of a attack type, but it’s ok, he will shine once Xerneas is released on Gen VI! Both Zen Headbutt/Psychic, Zen/Earthquake are good for defending, since it counters the Fighting and Fire types he’s weak against.


I would wait on the golems as the new move is about to come out and could make them be second tier. The machamps are a much better investment since they will probably not be replaced will gen 5


I’m still hunting for that 100% IV


I only use Metagross to defend.


Just evolved my first Metagross.


I tried it as a psychic attacker a few times and didn’t like it, so I switched it to steel and now use it as a defender. There are just so much better psychic options in the game right now. It looks cool defending a gym, so I like it.


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