May/June Research Breakthrough and Egg Pool Shakeup Announced



So no Registeel for me🤦🏻‍♂️


So I have one more shot at Regirock and that’s it.


Monday I have my next break through. If I get a steel, I’ll save it for you.


Finally some more interesting stuff in 5km eggs.

AND a shot on Latias and Latios.


I think I like the new research breakthrough and egg pool configuration.

And if your trainers ever get within trading range of me I’ll be glad to trade you the extra Regirock and Registeel I got from the latest research breakthroughs. Just need to build up friendships sufficiently by then.

Ever make it out to the Bay Area near SF / Silicon Valley? My days of long-distance traveling ended a few years ago, thanks to medical restrictions…


Good thing’s that Niantic FINALLY got rid of the Legendary Beasts. Oh and that Registeel, he’ll probably come back. I like it.




I hope Niantic changes/adds some Field Researches, too.


If this means that the mentioned Pokemon will be more common in eggs, I’m totally down.

Kind of miffed that Lugia and Ho-Oh are in Field Research for a total of six months, but Latios and Latias are welcome. They’re also all Shiny-capable.


@Pokemon, you have greater chance to get your Ho-oh


Up to 9 chances depending on which day you land on and if you’re consistent in getting your daily stamps.


If we ever manage to meet ill trade you one


I’m glad the pool count is down though. I feel like it was getting too big. At least it’s now 1 of 4 so over 2 months it’s likely you might encounter at least one of each.


I’m OK with the new research breakthrough. I must admit I don’t understand why they already removed the Regis, but they will come back for sure. Maybe in preparation for Regigigas?
Latios and Latias are welcome I guess (hoping for the shiny Latias…), but it’s a bit short after they were in back in raids.
As long as they finally change those tasks I’m OK with everything…


Amen. Could they change the spinda task to something like “Throw a Pokeball.” ? :slight_smile:


I was so disappointed that I got another Regirock this week, makes it my 3rd. I should not complain but I did.


Well the Regis kinda suck. Theyll come back in raids with shiny version eventually. Ofcourse if your in an area where t5’s are hard to raid thats not helping.


thanks :star_struck:


That’s right, no one really wants them, it’s just rather suspicious that Niantic would listen to that :grin: