Marvel Announces New AR Game: "Avengers: Heroes Assemble" | Pokemon GO Hub


I thought “what would the trailer for this april fools Joke be”

I fell right in this trap lol


Who actually Made an april fools Joke this year?


This was mine:


Never trust anything without having proof on April 1st🙂


It would be cool if this was true


I uploaded a video claiming that I had beaten a very hard level in Geometry Dash, when it was actually an auto. But with a pretty small channel, it probably wont get much views


i remember hearing about Digimon Go :disappointed_relieved:


Wasn’t that last year’s April fools joke by pokemongohub?




Getting Thanos’d in Ar mode :scream:




“Mr @cup im not feeling to well” disappears


So sad he was so young lol