March & April Research Breakthrough


Same here, the best one I have is 87% with 15 attack, if I ever want to invest on this one, I need to use both fast and charge TM to adjust both moves.

I am also hoping Raikou will have a raid day/hours like the birds or raid weekend like Rayquaza. So I’m not putting my RC into it at this moment


Yes, but I still didn’t get a good one at all. I haven’t encountered a Raikou in January, February and any of this month. A 1 in 8 chance is pretty small, and add on a great IV stat in that mix? It’s very unlikely.


From research breakthrough


Hoping they’ll start using the raid days again, even if its for regular mons


Great moveset on that Raikou there – I loves me a good eclair, especially if has quality creme filling and isn’t simply drowned with chocolate.


You may be laughing at the french version now, but you can’t deny that “Articodin” and “Electhor” aren’t better than what we’ve got


Haha. Well yes, éclair means lightening. I have no idea why the pastry is called that.


I wasn’t laughing at the french version, @Necrozmadabest. Just amazed to see the moveset translations (and really fond of the pastry in question).

Besides, isn’t Raikou still one of the best electric-type options for attacking? (How’s it stack up against Electivire?)


Better bulk, worse DPS
And it was a joke




Thanks guys, now I’m really hungry.


Then buy some Bacon🙂


this just made me want an eclair


Finally got my favorite Raikou yesterday :slight_smile: So pleased with him.


I finally got my regi trio complete. :grin:


All I’ve got from Research Breakthrough in March and April is Lugia and Raikou😞 And the IV’s aren’t making me happy either.


I’m OK with more Raikou candy, the highest I have is 87% with 15 attack, I’m looking forward to its raid day one day


I’m okay with any Legendary extra candy. You get 6 each box. Why would anyone complain about this?


Because the beasts should have gone and de birds should have stayed.


If I’m being honest they should both have gone. At the other side, the Birds can be Shiny. The Beasts can’t.