Mamoswine Prep


You’re right, but I’m saying that even as a generalist, or even a specialist, Regigigas will still do quite all right. I already gave you examples on how it can work. Choose wisely is all I’m saying.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you give off a very haughty elitist attitude, where it something even falls short a little bit, it’s worthless. You’ve even outright questioned people’s decisions on many things, and it’s pretty off-putting. Chill out and accept that people have their reasons. Just because they’re not your reasons, that doesn’t make them wrong, so please, reconsider how you’re posting.


Mamoswine release in 20 minutes?


Sorry about that, but this time we are discussing Regigigas’ use


Is Piloswine back as Tier 3 raid boss?




Got over 500 candies for Mamoswine.


420 candies


Got more than 1000 Swinub candies.

Almost 1v1 a weather boosted Piloswine with a single MM Metagross today, will try again.


Caught another one to add to the Squad last night that was hanging around a Gym I was working over.


Go Plused a big CP useful IV.


It would have been great to have Mamoswine in time for Groudon, even if it is weak to two of the Charge moves. It would have required less level ups for me. -_-


Just pray we get it and Glaceon before Rayquaza returns


And Mamoswine


Thats what I said lol


Lol didn’t you say glaceon


He said it (this topic is about Mamoswine) and Glaceon.


I know


it = Mamoswine


I’m ready to go with Maxed out Pilo’s.
Just need to get at least 1 more Stone before the day as I’d rather have enough ready to go rather than waste time doing extra battles on the day hoping for another Stone.


Good thing those five Sinnoh Stones are guaranteed that weekend LOL