Mamoswine Prep


Not as well prepared as some for an army. I’ll have to settle for a small squad.


I’m at the point in my storage situation that small squads are much preferable to armies.


I have 1 maxed piloswine and 2 maxed swinup, all are iv 100 plus some iv 96+


How did you get all those


Two from hatching, one from wild. Other good iv swinup come from hatching. I never get luck on raiding piloswine



Nice.Are you going to max it out when you evolved it @TenMrcha ?


Should be good to go.


Not sure yet :slight_smile:
I´ll wait if moves or stats don´t change and then max it out!


Maxing out my lucky 96% Swinub


My perfect Piloswine is only a few more level ups from being maxxed out. Holding out in the event I need to quickly level up any other Pokemon with the upcoming Raid Boss shakeup.


Likely not, seems that the Lake Trio is up next (not confirmed)


Azelf is ready!!!


Hoping for him tbh, we might as well only get weekends for the other two


Honestly I’d hope he came later, and was around for the next CD.
That way it’s all these good legendaries in a row.


I wouldnt call Regigigas a good legendary :sweat_smile:


It’s a good generalist, and since it’s only weak to Fighting, that’s good in my books.


Its stats are excellent but its moves have a rather bad synergy - in order to use him as a generalist you would probably need to change his moves frequently


Rock Smash/Heavy Slam is fantastic against Rock and Ice types, and we will be seeing plenty of those.
Rock Smash/Stone Edge is great against Ice types, especially those that have a Water subtype/

This is one of those Legendaries where I would get a second Charge move on it. I don’t see much use with Avalanche, although admittedly Zen Headbutt/Avalanche would be great against Grass/Poison types.


Generalist means doing neutral but high damage
Dragons are the best in this regard due to only being resisted by two uncommon types, which is hard to do when different Pokemon might wall different movesets, forcing you to either purchase another move or TM it frequently

As a specialist he’s actually amazing if both fast and charge move can hit super-effectively, but that doesnt always happen
Like how Flying types wall Rock Smash despite being weak to Avalanche