Major crashing on new IOS update


Thats weird. Usually you just install the latest version.


My app crashes sometimes when i try to encounter a Pokemon :thinking:


This was the same thing with me. Every time i try and open it would crash.Sometimes its really irritating when you wanna play and it crashes down i got the fix afterwards, one can try this reference if there’s still any error.


I noticed that after the last 2 updates, the game crash on my iphone several times a playig session. It barely ever crashed before that.


I get it a lot of times if i open my trainer menu.


I get it on everything on my PTC account…:cry:


PTC is such a gift isn’t it?


Since I have related it with my facebook account, all the problems have disappeared.


0 good things are in PTC accounts TBH.


Of course there are. A PTC is an electricity resistance that resists more the warmer it is :slight_smile:

Lol ptc is not bad. Privacy stuff lol


It’s not IOS only, android too. Since the last update i have freezes, before I just had the occasional crash and close.


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