Magmar in Raids - Shiny Encounter is Very Necessary


I Understood Niantic is Seeing my posts and It’s the Best place for my Requests More than Emailing them from in game :heart_eyes:
Now magmar in Raids am Hoping we encounter Shiny from raids It’s very necessary :sob: (Now Nobody cannot oppose it as it’s Reasonable Request)


Well they can’t just give it away…


What do you think they should do about it besides giving it away??


Pls give magmar Shiny from Raids …:confused:


Magmar from raids cannot be shiny. I don’t quite understand why. It’s the same for wild pokemon.


Yesterday, a hot day (37 celsius) the fire pókemons where everywhere… got some magmars, some slugma, some camerupt, a few charmanders and 1 cyndaquil. None of the magmar where good. None of slugma. None Camerupt. 1 charmander was not bad but, the Cynda was the weakest one i found in the day. :frowning:


I want Perfect Reason from Niantic why they can’t add shiny Magmar in Raids😫
I want some response


You could always email them!:blush:


Thank you…And waiting for someone to say it :hugs: