Lucky Trade List


I have been doing Pokemon trades since trading is activated in game and have been in luck for some time. However, there is no exact info how does it goes since it was a “trade secret”. :joy:

I just come to think to document my lucky trade and here it is, these are just for recording purposes and it might help or not in any way. Will update from time to time.

Lucky Trades

Cubone -> Treeko
Growlithe -> Shroomish
Cyndaquil -> Ponyta

This happens two in a row
Castform -> Luvdisc
Koffing -> Spheal


Chance is the same for every Pokemon


Magikarp for piloswine with @Mew1


Logically yes… but after some time, I have the feeling that trading Kanto Pokemons to those from other regions have a higher chance than trading pokemons which are both from Kanto. Of course, except for the guaranteed old ones.

Who knows? Until the “trade secrets” are decoded, only then will it be truly known. :grin:


Beldum for beldum (twice)
Alakazam for lapras
Rhyhorn for snorlax
Tyranitar for legacy gengar
Alolan persian for onix


Nice trades!

and how’s the rate?


5 of the 7 were auto lucky…the others are about 1 in 18ish


I thought it was Flaeron for Piloswine @Pokemon :thinking:


I don’t have either of your guy’s friend codes :weary::weary:




And @Pokemon


Wanna be friends ill send my code


I’ll already have your code… send me your Let’s Go Switch instead. :rofl:

By the way, have you gotten your Meltan already?


Stay on topic and pm me that


2 beldum


lucky Snorlax
Lucky Persian
Lucky Aerodactyl
Lucky Espeon (Other end was a Perfect Lucky Chikorita)
Lucky Hypno
Lucky Charmander (Other end was lucky Mewtwo, had extra, only wanted one with Focus Blas)
Lucky Pikachu
Lucky Kingdra
Lucky Golduck
Lucky Kingler
Lucky Rhyperior