Lucky Pokemon are Here! Discussion


They’re here!




They are not in game yet…


What do you not know?


Has anybody got one yet


My thoughts exactly…


Yeah, the Lucky Pokémon are here. Also the game is full with bugs now… :unamused:


well i dont like it


What kind of bugs?


Most of the bugs happen during encountering a Pokémon.


I am quite intrigued by lucky pokemon, but they need to fix the child account issue.


Discussed here


What two, the topics?
Then we get strange conversations.


You’re right, pulled the post. (Should read better…)


I was cleaning the kids accounts last night to clear space ready for Eevee day. Decided I’d trade a couple of Junk 80 IV Tyranitars to see if they would get worse or better. Both happened to end up a lucky with only a very marginal improvement in CP and IV. The increases still put them in the Junk basket from a usefulness perspective as all accounts have several way better.
This left me thinking there is no real good reason to hang on to these as they are not worth powering up even at a reduced cost as there will be no use for them. It’s already a battle having enough bag space so I think it’s off to a Gym and then to the Professor when they return for these.
Hanging on to Shiny I can understand but Lucky no thanks.


Wow, so you play with how many accounts on community day? Or do your kids play with you? Are you all level 40?