Lucky Friends & Avatar Poses Are Coming to Pokémon GO



They’re already here actually, but you do need to update the game to the newest version.


500 for a pose, great


500? Jeez. I had a feeling they’d charge for them, but wow. That’s a lot for a simple pose.


500 for a new pose!? Too much.


For 500 coins they can put those poses somewhere the sun doesn’t shine…


I’ve done two things with my friend (exchanging gifts and a PvP-battle) and nothing, no best friend status… is it really online everywhere? Apart, I have version 0.139.3, seems to be the newest.


Two things? You expect that to be enough? Foolish mortal


You need to become Best Friends to be able to become Lucky Friends.


it is live but i’ve seen reports on Dutch newssite/forum that once you’re lucky friends trading can bug out and give not-lucky pokemon, mostly with shiny pokemon. So tip: do not trade shiny legendary pokemon with a lucky friend for now. Wait it out untill bugs are fixed.

Also, 2 actions to become lucky friends is like making 1 photo for Smeargle. You need to do more before you’ll have succes.


I’m not soo bad in this game for not to know that I have to be best friend. I was doing this to try if it is in use now.
My friend and I are best friends since exactly the minimum time when it was posible. But still it’s not working between us.

And @Punica, reading the text I understand that it will work instantly, not on basis of trial and error as with Smeargle. But you are right, maybe there are still bugs.


By this I thought you meant you weren’t Best Friends with your friend.


People who give a rat’s ass about something as superficial as what pose their avatar is in (or even what outfit it wears) might decide that it’s worth the frivolous expenditure. I kind of like the thought that normal / functional play will be free with the more discretionary stuff as the basis for product revenue.


Oh, I beg your pardon, I wanted to say … no lucky friend status…


I would love to change it and I would even pay for that (in coins of course)
But 500 is ridiculous and much better spent on 5 raids


I’ll admit that I’ve spent a few coins for a couple of tweaks to appearance. But just a few coins for just a couple of things.

But I’m totally with you on that last point. The cost for the new things is way too much, even for people who place a high value on the way they look.


trainertips posted a video which stated that only the first friendship-action per day can give lucky friends, and he stated he had inside information from niantic so i trust that.

That means the all the battling in gyms me and my GF did last night was pointless after the first fight…


Sounds normal to me, as the whole friendship system works on that first interaction per day!


good point, skipped my mind :wink:


First action per day per friend or just per day?