Luck with Shinies



I want to know how lucky you are with shinies.
I have seen about 500 Swablu
I have over 1400 Swablu Candy
Still no shiny!!
Edit: It’s all about luck :wink:


My unluckiest so far


This one hates me

and this one loves me.


I don’t even have a Shiny Baby
Bad luck with me :wink:


The Wynaut is my only non-CD shiny.


Just got another shiny swablu on Monday the 2nd…
I just don’t get it


Did not know existed
Is there shiny Azurill too?


Fo the Wynaut




Got it
I have Azurill.


Have Altaria plus the on I got on Apr. 2


The only babies I miss are Elekid and Tyrogue😭Don’t think I will ever get a Hitmontop.


If trading will come i will trade you an elekid for a magikarp


Thank you. But don’t you want an other one? I maybe can send you an Entei


I have 3 elekid
And ill accept that Entei(i dont have one)


Apart from the Happy Hour shinies, I only got a Shiny Sableye from an egg I hatch the day after the Halloween event ended.