Lots of raids right now


Why do I see sooooo many raids now? Or is it just luck?

From here I can see 6 gyms, and 5 raids🤔


Probably just RNG


I guess Niantic did their job…


A llot? Yesterday I saw 7, so the last was invisible… Yeah, something is going on in Niantic


So many raids because Niantic wants your money.


They go in cycles. Woke up this morning to see 4 raids on five of the closest gyms to me (including 2 Rayquazas & and Aggron) before 07:30am…
There probably won’t be many more happening today until later on this evening.


Just got my kids their first Machamps on a raid and then my son and I got our fourth Rayquaza. (Already got 4 Rayquazas for my daughter.)


I can’t try, because too little people play here
So I have 0


When I was in berlin there were up to 12 raids nearby at a time but i have seen an increase, especially in level 4 and 5 raids, which is annoying considering I can’t complete them…