Lotad Day Discussion


Continuing the discussion from Machop Field Research Day! (Concept by Pokemon):

@Thorend said that my idea was “too overpowered to happen”. And I completely agree with him, but that’s the point! My old idea yes it was kinda crazy but that’s the point its because feebas was a fail and I believe that Niantic did go out of their way with shellder and now even more with lotad/castform. I’m not attacking you @Thorend I am just continuing the discussion doesn’t anyone think 7 hours in one day is kind of broken I feel it would be better to have 3 hours for Saturday AND Sunday.
Does anyone think that the new research day is kinda crazy?

  • Yes, I think it is a little bit too crazy it should be like shellder
  • No, its not crazy, bring the 7 hours on!

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I gotta work untill 14:00, then drive home so i could start at 15:00-ish. Thats already alot of time lost.
On top of that youre limited by the number of pokestops. When they are out, you gotta go to another city to continue.
This isnt like community day where its just non-stop catching. You gotta “work” for it.


I like the new format.


The 7 hours is nice because if you have work or if you committed to something way back in January then you still have plenty of time to play and get lotad/castform. And if you get your shiny and feel like the research Day is going in way to long then you can always leave early


Research Day RD is a different concept than Community Day CD. RD is all about spinning pokestops, getting the quests and working on getting the said Pokémon, while CD is all about non stop catching. Therefore RD needs more time for players to “work” on the quests. Niantics did learn from the Feebas RD and gradually improve RD, both the length and the difficulty of the quests within the time frame, it’s still at “test and trial” phase.

And if you get your shiny, satisfied with it, and feel like RD is going in way to long then you can always leave early.


You mean Clamperl instead of Shellder, right? Because that makes a lot of sense…


I’ll probably hunt at LEAST four hours straight this Saturday. I hope they make the wild spawns more interesting, too, like Niantic did during Clamperl RD. Then I will likely hunt even more hours.


Lotad: another water type, another gen 3 pokemon, another one that evolves, so here are my predictions for the next 7 RDs:

Ok maybe not mudkip which will likely get its own CD


Mudkip will get it own CD as its a Gen starter.


I like that they made it not just 3 hours. I was lucky with the last research days, I could play the full 3 hours, but I probably won’t be able this time. I might squeeze in about an hour (maybe 2) when it starts, and if I’m lucky I can get another hour in in the evening. (Depends on difficulty of the tasks and how easily I can get through all our stops)
And like @Mew1 already stated: research day is about doing the research tasks, which usually takes more time than just non stop catching, so it was a logical step for improvement.


Next to mudkip you can skip Wailmer to, because this one is also allready available as a shiny.


I don’t believe these events are done specifically to release shinies, so I think it’s still possible. Rememeber Pikachu community day? Its shiny was already released before the event started.


Spheal, likely
Pikachu CD was made because Pikachu is the mascot though, Wailmer isnt
I think its great - new shinies, isnt measly 3 hours, maybe we could get CDs in that time period too?
I would legit sit through 7 hours of triple catch dust and a cool shiny with exclusive move


how four hours???


Wailmer won’t, it’s shiny form is released. I also don’t think common Pokémon like surskit, barbroach, and spheal will see special research days. They seem to be reserved for Pokémon that are less common.


Rarity is subjective… Surskit is a lot rarer around here than Lotad. When it’s raining I can get 3 or 4 Lotad withing 10 minutes. Whereas I know that many people elsewhere are struggling hard to find them. For them it’s probably the other way round…


Not sure what you mean?


Becouse the event is from 11 am to 20 pm local time


Whatever Pokemon is featured, it is still a good thing for me with this Limited Research thing, somewhat like a mini CD and Niantic have make it better by extending the time…

Hope CD would become CW soon… with that, they would not need to waste 1 month just to feature all of 11 months pokemons within that year come December…

By the way, I really hate getting “throws in a row” field research… and after deleting it, then you still get it after a spin, what a waste of time :grin:

and it also comes back many times in a row after deleting it… :tired_face:

… anyway, it’s over now and it was a good event…


I dont see how weekends would get rid of December CW…
And for the love of god, use fast-catching when doing this RD, its tedious without it