Longest time defending a gym in Pokemon GO

Could you try uploading that again?

My Pokémon has been in there for five years

At this point it’s already long when my Pokémon defend a Gym for 10 minutes.

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My local gyms in town don’t stay alive long. But I use that to my advantage to get coins

My current longest

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My top defender is a hungry lil guy.


For some reason I can’t. Too large file. Currently I’ve got a Pokémon in a gym for 561 days 3 hours.


580 days 21 hours and going strong.

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That sucks. But 1331 days is really impressive

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That one time when my game glitched and my Glaceon was in the gym for 18443 days xD


Hihi, yes, there was a big glitch, something like 50 years?

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Yeah 50 years and a few months xD


The problem is, since this glitches, none of the shown records are really trustfull.
Maybe they happen all days, but in lesser effect, as some days only.

That is a very long time congrats but i believe the record is 1332 days straight

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I expected to be knocked out of the gym already. This is in the center of Amsterdam



I haven’t seen a thread for the longest consecutive streak in a gym, so I’ll start. Hit 2 years today.


There actually already is one;

No problem, I’ll just add your post to that topic.

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This one I was thrown out after 92 and a half days. I am back in this gym; how long do you guys think I will occupy the gym?

  • 10 days
  • 10-25 days
  • 25-50 days
  • 50-75 days
  • 75-100 days
  • 100-150 days
  • 150-200 days
  • 200-250 days
  • 250+ days

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