Login failures again



I have this problem I can’t login to plc omg if I miss zapdls tommorow because of it I will be an angry boy. Someone’s post on main hub who is I still a member


I’m having issues logging in again as well… I’m using PTC but I can’t log in either :pensive:


https://mobile.twitter.com/NianticHelp Latest post it’s server prblems they are working on it


People on my local Discord are complaining but I haven’t had a problem yet.


We have a mix of PTC and Google Logins on the Family accts.
Both are having loading/start up issues.
Games failing to load to current time after hrs of inactivity with the all the functions (Trainer/Buddy, Ball, Nearby) across the bottom missing. The Play Map, Gyms, Poke Stops, Pokemon are all there but you cant do anything. Shut App down restart.
Sometimes it gets stuck halfway through the Loading screen and goes no further resulting in shutting the App down again and restarting.
Freeze ups Mid Raid Battle have started happening a fair bit in the last couple days too, as reported by our Local Discord group and experienced by myself.
I’m noticing the Spinning Circle of Death (Live Game loading/updating) freezing mid play a lot more atm too.

It’s happening on botth Login styles by seems to be more frequent with PTC accts.

Every time these problems start happening more often it’s normally associated with a lot of new stuff being put into the game code.


Gone now all works again


Not gone. Just spent 2 HOURS TRYING TO LOG IN. Do these guys ever test anything before they roll it out? Seems every time they do (force) an update something breaks.


I can’t switch over to my children’s account from my phone without it freezing up. So no more putting them in gyms on my way to work. Told my son yesterday, he is on his own now completing research tasks and keeping his streaks alive. My daughter can’t even play now until she gets her own device.