Loading screen barely noticable number


Has anyone else noticed the number on the blue outlined surf board on the loading screen? I looked closer and I believe it says “12:24” . It might not mean anything but can never be too safe to question.


I think it may be japanese writing format


Nicely spotted. I think it’s 12:04 and not 12:24. But it’s really hard to see.


Nice catch. Makes one wonder about the possible significance.

At first when I saw the “barely noticeable number” in the topic I thought you were referring to the item count / capacity of the trainer’s bag, the gray text color being very hard to make out in anything but ideal lighting conditions.


I think it claims to be potatoes because I work on the most commonly known fact that someone working on a disgusting thing wants me to ask them if they are and that I love pokemon to ask them. I wonder if anyone can find something hidden in the artworks as it shows the 2018 final game!



That is pretty cool, though @damascus


I don’t understand some of the indecipherable garbage you post


don’t feed the troll please :smile:


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This is a fellowship of something I did not know what consumes cheese cheats than finding but oh well I do not know well Japan


Same,I dont know how to talk in that language.