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hey bro your getting so much xp


And it just started up 30 minutes ago (its 11 PM).
I bet you 15% percent of these people are teenagers smoking weed lol


Good times lol


sadly i dont have a girlfriend :sleepy:


Go get you one its easy


@Jormdeworm @bagguille @Brobraam


Trust me your much better off.
Life is so much simpler without one.


But when your young it fun


Fun is very short lived.
Doing all night what now takes all night to do, if at all :roll_eyes:?


I thought you could do it in five minutes. I can tell a funny story.


What the story do tell


Must be a long story


Still here


Not me


I havent got one either lol
Am not interested


So like back at the end of grade 6, we went on a weekend field trip to a camp ground. Saturday night, I am in cabin with three other students (2 girls, two boys plus me, a boy). It was free time, so everyone was outside, except for me, just wanting sleep. I was just about to fall asleep, when my cab inmates, a boy and a girl. Now I am like “oh come the **** on, rlly”, so I try to find my earplugs, and the girl says to the boy “Go check if Micheal is asleep” (not my real name). So I stop moving, and mimic my best sleeping as possible. whispers “yea hes asleep, let’s do it”. So I start still, and two minutes later I hear noises… between them… now my heart is beating at the rate of 4 BPM. 5 minutes later, she says “You done” He says “Yea, let’s go back to playing Kickball” They leave 2 minutes later. Flaked to them last week, and I was like “You realise last year at camp I was awake” They both turned 14 shades of red. I told them I didn’t tell it to anyone, they sighed of relief. Now i have told someone. You get the picture.


Well, when i went camping this year, i was in a tent with two girls and me. But nothing even Remotely similar like that has happened lol


I heard it. I almost saw it.


Lol @iLikeCastform good story
And @Brobraam that is every man’s dream


Except that one of them is the earlier quoted
“one of my oldest friends”

But the other was a person who i also condider to be one of my friends, but still to be respectful when they needed to change i would look the complete other way or i would go outside the tent