Let's brag: what have you achieved in PoGo that you are proud of?


I’d love to hear about the things you achieved in Pokémon Go that you are proud of, no matter if you did it just today or months ago and no matter how big or small it might sound to others.

Here is my example
Only yesterday I discovered the joy of soloing tier 3 raids! That might sound stupid for a level 38, but I somehow never thought I could do it. I tried a few times, but failed, because I didn’t care about the counters. But after doing my f***ing research I finally soloed my first Machamp yesterday and another one today. That feels great!
Can’t wait to try other tier 3 raids now…


I FINALLY got my Tyranitar yesterday/two days ago😁


I have 2 specials achievements i’m very proud of:

  • last weekend i finally got 1 specific gym to gold by just raiding, No berries, battles or defending. 30 raids done and a lot of restraint not to battle or accidentaly add a defender / berry. I was the first in my city / community to do this.
  • my special pikachu lineup, 3 of each, in order


Soloing a Machamp was one of my biggest achievements. Up until recent events, Machop was extremely rare for me, and I had one Machamp that I evolved early in the game with terrible IVs.

Being able to solo Machamp raids has made my life so much easier and I’m proud to have built up the team I use.


Soloed Machamp, Alakazam, Onix, Kabutops, did Absol in two, Moltres and Entei in 4…


This Pikachu lineup is so satisfying :heart_eyes:


Nice Pikachu line up!


Onix completely took me by surprise, went to solo it and got nowhere near beating him


Another thing just came into my mind, that I’m somehow proud of:
Not only did I manage to take part in every Community Day so far, I was even lucky enough to get enough of the CD shinies so that I could keep a shiny of every evolution stage (except Pichu… but that doesn’t count…)


That’s how I like to keep my shinies, I was only lucky enough to get three shiny Dratini, so have one of each evolution. The others I only caught one so will be a long time before I evolve them haha


I was lucky enough to get 2 shiny Pikachu, 2 shiny Dratini, 2 shiny Bulbasaur, 0 shiny Mareep. I always play 1,5 hours on the CD events. Can’t complain though.


Thats in netherland!


I’m Dutch idd, but how did you get that from my screenshots?


Nevermind my question @Kevin260709. I already know who you are and how you know that Old Windmill is Dutch. You live like 2 kilometers away from me and your dad is mad at me because a few days agao we didn’t wait for him at a raid…
You’re in the same team as me we’ve played hundreds of raids together and you don’t even recognize my name here? Wow…

/wave @Jurgen and Suzanne :smile:


It’s very dumb but I’m proud of my little 0% Castform passing 1000 victories!


Playing Pokemon Go everyday


Wow, is it really a 0/0/0? How do your gym leader appraises it?


It has the same appraisal as a Pokémon with a 6/6/6, 5/5/5, etc pokemon so you have to use a third party app to find if it is 0%. For Instinct it says “it has room for improvement” it lists all three stats and then says “it’s pretty basic”.


I’m most proud of reaching level 37 without spending one cent on PoGo. I don’t even have a Go+.


I finally got my Mew. Another achievement has been done here.