Legendary Lunch Hour


Now this is something i can get behind. A fixed time for multiple raids to pop up.

I realize alot of people wont waste their lunchtime on raids, or dont have the abbility to make use of this during workdays. But if this also applies to weekends i think it could be very handy.


Too bad I am a elementary school student


Are all the T5 raids going to be Dialga on the 13-Mar event?

Knowing where to go and when are one of my favorite features of EX raids. It would be so helpful for Niantic to post general raid schedules a week in advance.


I think this is awesome if they keep it it would be good to know what time the rain is going to start and stop so everyone could schedule around it and know that everyday it’ll be at the same time I think one of the best ideas they’ve had


It’s a nice idea. I already play at my lunch break almost daily. Better chances to maybe get a T5 raid in? I’ll take it. But calling it an event might be exaggerated when there is literally nothing else (maybe an extra raid pass?)


I go out on the lunch break hour to raid and hunt because I know I can find someone to Raid with. This is even better.


I hope to find a few local players who want to raid during lunch hour although calling it an event is a stretch. Why can’t they just say for a limited time or beta testing? It’s cool tho I hope to get in some wins & bag some strong meta relevant, legendary, or candies to evo/fill dex


These will be cleared & claimed way before the lunchtime event! Going to see if anyone is at gym down the street there’s a 4☆ about to start!! I need to stop reading/posting & head out if I want to regain team bonus before raid starts


The way I met most of the players in the raid group we have now is by sitting at the square in town and popping lures and just waiting for cars to come by like fishing I suggest you try this it works really good


@MrHeineken88 I say you try this to find a raid team or have you looked on the Silph road to find a Discord in your area


This will be just as useless and inconvenient for me like 95% of week day Ex Passes.
Unless its a Weekend, no Legendary Lunch hour for me.
Getting excluded from more and more things I’m starting to get the feeling the game is pushing me closer to having break that depending on what else I decide to do I may not come back from.


Apparantly the trial run is just gonna be 1 day, wich doesnt make much sense but sure.
Im curious to hear the results.


I will try it sounds good to me


I hope it is a failure so it becomes a forgotten bad idea.
But your right, a 1 day test doesn’t make sense for trialing something.


I dont get why people want this to fail though. What are you losing exactly when others play?
Also if it succeeds what makes you think it wont be a thing on the days that you are free?


I hope it works out I think this is a good move it won’t be hard to find a raid team cos you know what time every one will be out


It was a nice thing knowing there will legendary raids everywhere. We got a small group together willing to spend the two (yesterday and today) free passes and chat along. I wouldn’t call it a huge success, but I liked it


Having so many gyms with Dialga raids at the same time made a tool like Discord important, to know which gyms would have other raiders. If this continues in the future, then a tier-5 boss that actually needs more than 4 raiders to take it down will make it essential for players to communicate.

I had to miss the event for a couple of unmovable appointments, but going out at 4 I found two others who had missed the lunch, too. And we three beat two Dialgas (with the assistance of one other at each gym).


I wouldn’t mind doing this on one of my days off during the week. Unfortunately, the 1 day test happened while I was at work.


Same for me