Left Handed Players?


I am just curious to how many left handed users are out there, to right handed players.


Left Handed Always! To Me It Presents No Challenges While Playing But A Lot Struggle With CurveBalls.


I’m right handed. I physically can’t do anything better with my left hand than my right hand


I’ve tried to throw the opposite way for curves, especially when the pokemon moves to the opposite side I’m used to throwing at, and it’s pretty hard.


I’m a lefty. Care to arm wrestle lol? 🤼


I’m a left-handed player. With right, everything I throw to the Pokémon misses😅


Lefty here,can’t do curve balls at all :flushed:


Left handed, but I spin curveballs counterclockwise which I think is the direction most right handed players use


I’m a righty,but I can throw curves with my left hand but they aren’t very accurate


I’m left handed and also spin counter-clockwise, it just feels better for me


With my right hand I spin clockwise, with my left hand I spin counterclockwise


I’m lefty and throw to the right and curves left. But because of kyogre I was forced to learn to throw clockwise and from the side. Very worth the struggle.


Well, I am what the dutch call “onhandig” (Un-handed). It means being clumsy


Right handy
I spin clockwise


Righty, but I spin counterclockwise. This is weird.


Righty, spin counter-clockwise


Lefty, I spin clockwise.


RIght spin counter clockwise or anti clockwise as I call it


righty, spin clockwise, but can do either no problem, like when it moved to the side


I’m left-handed, but I never thought about it in terms of playing Pokémon GO… you can do curveballs either on the right or left and it doesn’t matter from which side you throw them…
I never paid attention to the way I spin, but I think it’s counter-clockwise.
But if necessary I can switch sides.