Lavender Town - What’s your daily/weekly/monthly goal?


I’ve seen a topic, called ‘What’s your end goal?’ but I didn’t see a topic, called ‘What’s your daily goal?’ so I thought about making it. This could be like raiding everyday, collecting at least 10 Pokémon per day, etc. What’s your daily goal?
I’m just curious.

EDIT: You are also allowed to post your weekly/monthly goal, no problem.


I don’t have one at the moment to try and do a raid is what I like to do but during school there are not always raids at home or at gyms I pass on the way in the afternoon and morning so therefore I can’t and I can’t do anything about that


Get 50 coins and at least keep my streaks alive.


Collect a lot of Stardust


Trying to play.


Catching shinies


So you try to catch a shiny every day? Good luck then


Everything is possible😊


I guess we have a different opinion. But good luck.


Probably 1 Tier 3+ raid a day


My goals are:

  1. Keeping both streaks alive.
  2. Having a quest ready to be popped immediately after midnight.
  3. One raid per day, with the option of missing a day every now and then, but then making that up with multiple raids on other days.

On most days when I’m playing fairly actively, I try to hit 100 000 xp, but it’s not something I stress about.


I only have monthly goals:

  1. Play at least 10 days
  2. Do 1 raid
  3. Catch 1 quest legendary


Daily goal: spin at least one pokestop and catch at least on Pokémon

Weekly goal: same as the daily goal (but x7) with the edition of participating in at least 1 raid, hatching one egg and evolving a Pokémon

Monthly goal: hatch at least 3 eggs, evolve at least 5 Pokémon, participate in at least 4 raids and finally spin pokestop (at least x28)and catch Pokémon (~50).


My problems are:
I almost cant play
Raids are raaaaaare for me.
Its hard for me to complete most quests


I can not do the second one.


My daily goal is
1.Keep streaks alive
2. Get stamp
3. Get around 5000 xp.


That’s almost exactly mine, but 8k xp


My daily goal is:

  • Doing at least 10 shiny checks, rather 20+

  • Letting the streaks alive (catch 1 Pokémon, spin 1 stop, complete 1 task)

  • Getting 25k XP per day

My weekly goal is:

  • Getting the legendary Encounter reward

  • Doing at least one raid on an EX Gym


Daily goal is to;
• Keep the daily streaks going
• Do at least one raid per day
• Keep XP around 100k-105k for the day
• Keep stardust around 30k for the day
• Keep my “home” Gyms red

  1. Keep the streaks alive. Top priority.
  2. Use my daily raid pass on a legendary. Since I don’t buy raid passes or grind, 10k exp a day is very welcoming. (Got 248/1000 Legendary Raids, while 35/1000 normal raids)
  3. 2 quests a day. Sure, for the research breakthrough, but also for the gold medal.