Lavender Town - Vacation & Pokémon GO

Hey there fellow forumers!

I’m taking a rather long summer vacation and I was trying to figure out how to incorporate Pokémon GO in it. Any ideas and experiences are more than welcome!

Just enjoy your vacation and leave your GO:Plus on as you’re walking around new areas! :smile:

I go to the beach. I had so many water pokemon that I didn’t get from my area.

Just relax by the pool with an incense on. Also, try and do it at places you visit because tourist locations tend to have a lot of stops.

Hi buddy!

I’ve recently returned from a 10-day vacation and have incorporated PGO in all my travels this year so far, so here are some tips I’ve managed to find useful while traveling and enjoying PGO:

  • Besides the obvious, make sure that if you end up hunting in a private area, your presence doesn’t pose a danger to locals;
  • Have the adequate equipment, external battery, charger, case, be safe and responsible if you’re going to a new area, if you’re traveling long distances over a short period of time, make sure you take the necessary steps to avoid getting a possible soft ban (don’t go online x amount of time before hand, depending on the distance);
  • If you are traveling abroad, I’d highly suggest you buy a local (prepaid) data sim card. This way you’ll have better data at a cheaper price by avoiding roaming costs. I’ve done this in 4 different countries in Europe and I’ve always gotten a 2-3GB data plan. I never ended up using all my data, longest trip being up to 2 weeks.I would estimate the cost around 20-30 Euros, depending on the country/carrier;
  • If you want complete peace of mind get a mobile (wifi) router and plug in a data sim card;
  • You could always try and plan your accommodation according to Pokemon Go (look out for places close to Gyms/PokeStops). I usually let myself be surprised and so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised every single time;
  • Go out and explore! Waze/Google Maps can always come in handy, but this time you could look up Pokemon Go popular areas and plan your daily trip/activity around those places. Seeing how PokeStops are built around touristic attractions, I’m sure you’ll end up having a lot of fun experiencing new areas this way. If you don’t plan or dedicate time to Pokemon, you can (and probably will) always end up from stop to stop, chasing a different Pokemon or Raid and absorbing the city this way;
  • Look out for local communities (facebook/whatsapp groups, discord, reddit, etc.), you can always meet new people and have awesome experiences, in the end, this is what Pokemon Go is all about.

I hope you’ll find some of them useful!

Have a safe trip and can’t wait to hear all your awesome PGO-related experiences!

PS: If you’re and avid trainer, get some lures and incense ready and make sure to try them out in different areas. You’re on vacation, so remember to make it a vacation, not a routine!

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II did that very same thing incorporated Pokémon Go into my vacation. I found a map of pokestops and selected tourist attractions that were both interesting to me and had the most stops.

I would lure up the area as I arrived and would use my Go Plus to catch while I enjoyed the sights, foods and explored the area with my family. Occasionally I would grab my phone to see if any cool spawns were out and would hunt them if they were on sightings.

At the end of each day I would name all my favorites from that day for the location I caught them. I still have them all saved and use it as a reminder of my trip. I generally do this on my travel so so I can always remember the adventure and don’t accidentally transfer them.

I would also use the AR mode to take some fun pictures to help serve as a further reminder of the adventure.

I was this year for 2 month and a half at holidays at a lonely beach… with the nice result of only one Pokestop accessable, and one Sandshrew every 2 hours.
But what I have learned? There’s life without PoGo, long walkings, swimming, taking the sun and relax. And it’s not so bad… :smiley_cat:

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El 9 de noviembre voy a ir a Brasil a buscar a corsola!!!

In the next month all the family going to Brasil to find Corsola!!! ^^

Just got back home from Jamaica. Caught 12 Corsola and 1 Herracross.