Lavender Town - The way you're treated in the game


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I’m going to post this here so they don’t close that other topic but yeah they do not like me and say I cheat because I spend money to buy items and they cannot spend money I do not see how this my fault so they will not even help me with raids we have a community that does raise with me there so it’s all good it’s just a group of about 14 people that I do not like the fact that I spend money on the game @Pokemon


Is your brothers part of the group


No he’s part of the team that I play with it’s mainly a bunch of twenty-somethings and a older couple


Just tell them how you feel and say that you want to spend money on the game to get better , say that niantic relies on people like you


I don’t worry about them I just do what I can to keep them out of the gyms and 99% of the players in town or cool it’s just a few that are crybabies but I have been cussed out by then so yeah it’s interesting


You spend your hard earn money to play the game you like and enjoy playing it daily, that’s your own style of play, no question about that!


Oh yeah buddy that’s why I laugh at them cuz most of them do not have a jobs I have to borrow Mommy and Daddy’s car to get around being almost 30 years old


Sorry some of your local community isn’t as cooperative as they should be. There is no reason for players not to cooperate wary raids and such.


Yeah never bothers me there’s only been one time I tried to do a Rayquaza raid and when they saw it was me jumping in they backed out and lift kind of sucked


So, let me get this straight … they won’t raid with you because you spend money on the game?

I spend money every week on this game and am not even remotely ashamed of it. It doesn’t really give you this massive competitive advantage and you’re investing in something that you obviously love. How on Earth does that even effect them? lol

They should probably be thanking you for being one of the players that keep the game going. Those millions Niantic made every month didn’t happen magically. :stuck_out_tongue:


And yep but it’s thanks to them being punks I meant the rate of group I have now so it all worked out for the best


Well, I’d just remind them that if we all played for free, there would be no game to play. :smiley:


Everyone I raid with spends money in the game. I’m like the only one that doesn’t. They raid all day, and I show up do my one or two raids and then say, “See you later!”, but I have no ill will that they spend real money to buy boxes. I think it is actually better for the game in the long run too spend money in the game. I just don’t do it.


I think you mentioned in another thread this friendly group that accuses you of cheating doesn’t have jobs?
You could make the counter argument that they are cheating because they can play all day where you can’t because you work :rofl::rofl:


Lol that’s a good point I’m to tell them that next time I see them lol


We ain’t got no problem with that crap.
No offense, but @Cup, but we are like a traveling raid group. We got six right here, and we only need one or two more people to do a legendary raid.
And actually, we did Cresselia with 6 people.


We usually do the five stars with 4 people and I know what you mean where are you from


De Pere
We live 15ish minutes from a college with some pogo players


That kinda sucks, and is quite mean, like you are unable to spend money on Pokècoins, so that makes you a “Noob” and they dont want to raid a RAYQUAZA with you because of that. I remember a time I wanted to do an Alakazam raid, and two guys walked by and I asked “Can you help me with the Alakazam raid” and they said “Nah, beat it kid” and I was shocked, since the amount of rudeness they gave to me, and the fact they cant take 5 minutes out of their day to help someone do a raid is just mind blowing. That’s why I still dont have an Alakazam to this day.


The hard feelings from people who have less to spend and the lack of generosity from selfish folks (or people suffering from compassion fatigue) really complicate this game and life in general. Trying to be the kind of person you wish everybody would be for you is one of the more worthwhile efforts in life. And resenting others who have more is never helpful for anybody, especially the one who has the resentment.

I wish you well in the pursuit of that Alakazam. You’ll either make a friend in that process, or you’ll have quite an achievement if you wind up getting strong enough to solo it!