Latias is returning as a Raid Boss for a Raid Weekend



Latias is coming back for the weekend, and is now Shiny-capable.

I wasn’t sure where to post this, but dang…




spends 100 dollars worth of raid passes, lucky eggs, star pieces, and incubators


Right? It almost flew under the radar because I only just noticed it on Twitter.


Well, I wasn’t planning on 400-500K xp this weekend but it’s looking like it may happen.


My only goal is to record at least one successful Raid and catch on tape. Latios is one of the few Legendaries I caught I didn’t catch on video.


Latias this weekend and Latios on a later weekend.

A chance for goofs like me to catch one or two. Hopefully a few other area trainers still have some appetite for them.

Of course, I’m most looking forward to Rayquaza having a return engagement, though, whenever that might come.


I originally was thinking that Rayquaza was going to have a two-week stint of his own either once Dialga’s reign was over, presumably by the end of March, but there’s also Regigigas as well. [shrug.]


doesnt get shiny


I wont be chasing Latias this weekend. The bad run with Palkia has sapped all enthusiasm to chase multiple Raids using up Premium Passes atm. I couldn’t care less about a Shiny one either. I’ll just wait for the special day with 5 free Passes.
The only thing that could change this is an exceptional value Ultra Box loaded with Premium Passes.


I think that this is the special day(s) because it said that latios will be receiving it seperate one, and with the addition of the shiny, I find it unlikely that the duo will get a 3 hour raid sesh with a special move


I would expect that to be so, since the announcement says NOTHING about any special moves. And it says 3 days, not 3 hours.


Oh well, I’ll miss out and don’t care if true.
I miss out on so much stuff already what’s another thing.


Don’t let yourself get too down about things. After all, I didn’t give up after how Mewtwo for me turned out. I’m just holding off for his inevitable return to hopefully get a better one. Same goes for Raikou, but I only caught 7 out of 8 of them.

After all, you miss all of the shots you don’t fire.


Yay. I cant do any single raid this weekend.


Second best double dragon moveset, and a decent double psychic moveset, and the shiny looks incredible, another golden shiny yet again.



Fun fact. If you invert the colours, shiny latias looks like regular Latios and regular latias looks like shiny latios


Cool shiny, too bad Ive wanted to save coins for Rayquaza


Shiny Latias looks awesome. Too bad its not very good stats wise. Gonna raid it alot till i get the shiny.
Again a very short notice time, but atleast it lasts 3 days…

I dont like that they combine this with Clampearl research day either. I gotta work from saturday till tuesday. Atleast if they spread it out over a few weekends theres a chance people who work on weekends dont miss everything.


Latias has been quite solid in my campaigns against Palkia, so I wouldn’t dismiss it too much. There will be worse Dragons. [looks at Gen 5.]