Lapras vs Milotic


So I have a 1914 Lapras, 91%- 15/11/15 with frost breath and hydro pump;
and a 1687 Milotic 98% 14/15/15 with dragon tail and hyper beam.

Both would need tm’s and stardust to really be optimal for gym defense or even as an attacker. My question is which would be more worthy of stardust, and who performs better with a water type set?


kyogre preforms better


both are good lapras seems a little better with the movesets but milotic probably better defensively but dont have any of these pokemon, though i would go with lapras for good stab moves.


On gym defense
Thank you


Lapras shares the common weakness fighting and has worse stats
I would go with Milotic


Yes, the Milotic.


Lapras is a good ice type attacker. Milotic doesn’t really beat Vaporeon imo.


Use Lapras as an Ice type attacker, but just use Kyogre as a Water type attacker


Try lapras as it is stronger and a better defender with its insane stamina and defense stats. Use to be a good attacker to…:sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sob::sob::sob:




Milotic has better attack stat so its probably better.


I’m still walking Feebas. Already completed the 20km, but still 7 candies short. So I know where my next rare candies will go. Milotic is the last Gen 3 monster I have yet to evolve.


Lapras better


Lapras is a better defender with its montorous stamina (or defense I might be wrong). Go for the lapras for sure, Miloctic moveset is trash.


Milotic has like the best water moveset in the game lol
And dont forget Lapras’ weakness to Machamp


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