Lapras in ultra league


I have a question. I have a 2498 cp lapras with IV spread hexEED, with ice shard and ice beam. Would it be any good if I were to give it a second charge move (surf)?
And how good is lapras actually in Pokemon go pvp?



Impressive Lapras. Could simply giving it Frost Breath for its fast attack instead of Ice Shard be an improvement?


Well, frost breath is only slightly better, but it ice shard and ice beam are legacy moves for lapras.


I have found something.


I believe Ice Shard loads faster in PvP then Frost Breath.


I couldn’t tell for sure with so much contradictory info out there. Even the GoHub info on Lapras seems to be open to multiple interpretations; but what fits best with the trainer’s strategy for building teams affects the choice. (e.g. Lapras isn’t the best ice type, but if you have no mamoswine or weavile it might do; some say a mix of dragon and water moves is strongest for Lapras - but maybe you have enough dragon types and want to use the next best Lapras stuff).

So info is good, if the info is good (Gee, thanks, Tautology Man!:smirk:)

Thanks for the info.


The difference is a bit like Lick vs Shadow Claw. Ice Shard is more like Lick: good damage, with good EPS as well. Forst Breatj is more like Shadow Claw: a bit more damage, but worse energy generation. And EPS is very important in PvP to fire of your charges before fainting.


This thread is hot, and @Brobraam’s lapras should be used…


Hey, this thread should be talked about more now that lapras is getting new moves


I found a wild Lapras today. He is a little bit more than 1500CP.


My dad and I both completed a quest in special research that gave us Lapras, and his was shiny.
I’m going to trade it, and I will try to make it lucky :slight_smile: hopefully it will have good IVs

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