Lake trio reports


Lake trio is in the game… but in the wild. Azelf in americas, Uxie in APAC, and no reports of mespirit yet, but probably in europe and africa


You mean you can catch them right now


No word on how it’s split up though from Niantic.




Reports are starting to trickle in that Azelf was spotted somewhere else in the world, disproving the notion that they’re regional.


Looks like not only the Lake Trio but also Shellos and it’s evolve (Gastrodon right?) are hanging around now.


They removed Shellos from spawns already.


Oh please dont give us only Mesprit


It’s already been confirmed by other spotters that at least Azelf has been spotted outside of the Americas, so it stems to reason that Mesprit and Uxie are not regional as well. Besides, you should be more mad if it was Uxie. XD


Oh thank Helix
Well, Uxie might be somewhat decent for PvP, at least, Mesprit is totally useless


If you see them, on radar, RUN to the pokestop. It looks like they show, for less than 10 minutes, and move to another location.


Its the roaming legends all over again why Niantic


To give us the :poop::poop: of course.
I’m at that point now where I’ll just work on my Gold Gyms, try to get Meta relevant Legendary that help me battle Raids and collect dust and candy to power them up. The rest of the exclusive and unobtainable is meh now. The List is too big to care anymore.
Too much exclusive and unobtainable stuff unless you cheat the hell out of the game. They just keep making it more of an incentive for people to do so. I’m not joining in with that.


I just want to see one


Times are getting worse and worse for the collectors… I don’t like the idea of ultra rare, very short-timed and maybe even regional legendary spawns as the only way to get them.
Just put them in raids, 2 weeks each (maybe with regional rotation like the beasts back then), and everybody’s happy.
I guess people would also have liked special research to get them instead.
Yes, we want new special research, even small ones like with Spiritomb would be welcome…


The way I see it is either way we get them now so it is what it is I kind of like the fact that they’re super hard to find they are legendaries after all


I don’t mind they are hard to get. I just don’t like the fact that it’s again all just based on pure luck. Getting shinies, luckies and good stuff out of eggs is enough RNG for making people grumpy already.

I’d have seen a hard special research with a story and by following it, you get each one of the three at some point of it. (Maybe you would have to fight them in order to be able to catch them similar but not the same as a raid),
I’m starting to sound like those who played the real Pokémon games… :thinking: :grin:


I played the handheld games and shinies were all luck I played all the way up to X and Y and never found a shiny in the game besides Magikarp


Thing is, its not difficult to get a shiny if you want it


In my experience it was very difficult