KingQ07’s ideas to improve Pokémon GO


KingQ07’s ideas to improve Pokémon GO.
With the quests released (almost) everyone is waiting for the next update! Here are some ideas from me.
Friend system
At the moment im writing this Pokémon GO has almost no social functions. So my idea was to make an ingame friend system.
You can add friends to you friend list by typing there name in a search bar. Then that player will recieve a request wich can be accepted or denied.
If you are conected to Facebook they will make a list of suggested friends.
Ok i told some basic information about my ideas for the friend system but now comes the intresting part.
What can you do with your friends?
You can send them text messages and information from 1 of your pokemons. EXAMPLE: you just caught a 100iv magikarp and you want to show it to your friend. Then you can click on a button “send pokemon data to friend”. Then you need to select one of your pokemons.
This will send: the cp of the pokemon, the apraisal of the pokemon, the moves of the pokemon and the most important: wich pokemon it is.
You can also battle with your friends. You can select up to 6 pokemons. The battle style will just be the same as it is now with gym battles and raids.
You can also trade with your friends, you just need to select your friend, press trade, and you can trade with your friends. There will be no restrictions on trading.
Pokestop/gym beacons.
They will kinda work the same as in Ingress. They come in 4 variants: Mystic, Valor, Instinct and a pokeball icon(for example if there is a rare pokemon there that isnt on nearby)
You can place a maximum of 2 beacons on a pokestop/gym and you can see from who the beacon is. Beacons will last for 2 hours.
You can obtain beacons by buying them for 50 PokeCoins, field research rewards and level ups.
New special research quests.
For obtaining the other Mythicals like Celebi and Jirachi.
Also new types of tasks like: “Put a lure on a pokestop”, “Put {0} beacons on a pokestop/gym.” or “Battle with {0} differnt friends”.
And maybe also total different tasks like “Use Celebi to go back in time and find what happended to Deoxys”.
You can battle a random player 10 times a day(you can upgrade it with +1 battle a day more for 100 PokeCoins)
You must select 6 pokemons and you will enter a standard Pokémon GO battle with that person. Pokémon GO will try to find players from the same level. If you defeat your oponent you will get 5 PokeCoins.
You also have a win streak. If you win, 1 point will be added to your win streak, if you lose, your win streak will reset.
Examples for rewards: for 10 consecutive wins: get 2 Super incubators.
You can trade unlimited times a day. You can do a link trade, you will tade with another random player. You can trade every pokemon you want. You also have s wonder trade, then you will choose a pokemon, and you will receive another random pokemon someone else selected.
New items.
IV up: you can use it on a pokemon that is not a 100iv. You can choose an stat that has not reached 15iv.
Then it will add 1iv to that stat. There is 1/25 chance you will get an IV up from a completed raid. There is a 1/200 chance you get an IV up from a pokestop.
Amulet coin: When you use this item on a pokemon you will get double coins if that pokemon is kicked out of a gym, so i can get 100 coins a day! This items effect will last forever. There is a 1/1000 chance you get it from a pokestop. There is a 1/100 chance you get one from a raid.
Master ball: 100% catchrate on every pokemon, if you miss the pokemon you will get the pokeball back. You can get this pokeball only of you level up to level 40.(As level up reward)
Quick ball: This ball has the same catchrate as a normal pokemon, but if its the first ball you throw, you will have double catchrate.
Thanks everyone for reading this and tell me if you like it.


And how could you obtain Master Balls?


Level 40
“You can only get this pokeball if you level up to level 40”


Yes, and then? You get them when you reach it or something?


I editted it and wrote (As level up reward) after it


How good do you think my ideas are?

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First of all, I apperciate with your hard work of writting an article (give out your idea) to contribute Pokemon GO. I glad that there’re more pogo players who would like to give out a hand to pogo by writing articles.

In general, I think the ideas are in connection with pogo’s current status. Niantic is willing to devolop a cooperative system in 2018 & the community has been requesting for system like PvP, Trading & chat group feature. From what I read in your article, you mentioned those systems/features. The ideas are fitting in with the trend of pogo development and worth listening.

My comment on every ideas:

  1. Friend system
    I totally support your idea of implementing ‘social function’ in pogo. However, I think there’s a more desirable way to ‘add friends’ along with your search bar idea.Given that you may link up your pogo and Facebook account, there should be a ‘Facebook’ icon in the interface page. When you click on the icon, the list of your Facebook friends would bump out and you may chat with your friends by sending images, texts, videos etc. on the typing bar after clicking on your friends’ avater. ‘Private group’ feature should be available as well.

  2. Pokestop/Gym beacon
    Umm honostly i’m not sure how the ‘beacon’ thing work in Ingress, but i wouldn’t suggest this item for pogo. This item shouldn’t be valued at the cost of 50 pokecoins and the question is: Are we in dire need of help from this item? It may take up more item bag spaces but not useful at all.

  3. PvP
    I’m pretty sure that a lot of dedicated trainers have already given countless contribution to this idea and you would have to bring up more creative & unusual points in order to raise the intention of PvP. Of course, you actually meet the requirement of bringing up great points by suggesting a win streak for PvP. But what about this? Working like quest system and no reset for
    losing from the battle to make sure everyone are more satisfying to battle with others? In addition, 200 pokecoins is not applicable as a reward for winning streaks. (Golden) Rare candies, (super) incubators are more appropricate.

  4. Trading
    There should be more limitations for trading especially when this shouldn’t a replacing tool for capturing pokemon & become the paradise of account sellers. You should be able to trade items/pokemon once per day. In fact, wonder trading is considerably a idea for real use in pogo. I’d love to hear more details from this part.

  5. New items
    I doubt that there’ll be a ‘IV up’ item. As you know, Niantic don’t want us to get info from Pokemon’s IV. They certainly keep IV as a hidden value and remain IV real value. For amulet coin, no effect should last forever but i counld agree on this idea if the effect last for 1 month. Last but not least, you may refer to the pokeballs idea more my article. Just to remind that setting a trainer level limit is not the solution to item’s rarity.

Anyways, I hope you can keep up your good work (writing articles, starting off challenges) and have a nice time playing pogo.


The iv up wont show the iv


Thanks i did some things with your ideas


Can someone like @Thorend or @JoshHack or @apavlinovic look to this post and say if its good enough to post it?


I have no control about posting on the main hub, sorry i cannot help more


There are some interesting ideas in your post. I actually like serveral of the ideas. Like Josh I do not control the GoHub website.

However, I think the post needs a bit more work. It requires some formatting as well as fixing of a few spelling and grammatical errors. To really push it over the top would be realistic graphics demonstrating the concepts. Something like this:
Graphics like that really sell the ideas and give the reader a way to see how the concepts could be integrated into the game.


I agree with Yoshi along the lines that most of these ideas have been covered numerous times, I don’t think a rehashing really needs to be published. I like a lot of your ideas, and I hope they do happen, but there are already articles on most, if not all of these topics.


K i will work on it
(And originally it was formatted)


I like all of your ideas but Niantic would be very busy trying to implement them all.


Basically most ideas in 1 spot.

PvP Idea! How it should be done!

Apologies for being late to the party but I hope my opinions help you in some way!

Friend system
After looking into it more I’ve come to the deduction that I don’t know anything about code or data usage. However, my hypothesis behind this is actual server overload. Implementing a friend and chat system would be to much for Niantic to handle. They would possibly have to get a whole new dedicated server and more employees. Third party sources like discord, reddit, pokemongohub, and many more, have become a staple of communication for trainers in communities all over the world.

It’s everything you need! Incorporate your ideas into your own private server. The notifications are private between your friends within that server. Nobody has to spend time muting channels. Best of all, your the admin!
Seriously, why doesn’t anybody use voice chat in the pokemon community?

Pokestop/Gym beacon
The idea behind The Nurse Joy event speaks on some levels to your beacon concept. Venasto1se did a fantastic job here. I’m interested to see if ideas like these start getting incorporated in-game.

PvP/ Trading
I incorabted these two together for a simple reason. Community. Pvp will bring more of a player base thats in-game to win, takeover, and dominate there opposition. We will actually see a wave of new players enter pokemon go. Trading would bring a different wave of players. Ones that want to exploit the system and use it for profit. Pokemon go already has is PvE base. Shouldn’t we be building the PvP now? However, yoshi’s statement about wonder trading and whoever brought that concept to table is brilliant. Always loved doing this in pokemon x/y. Would be a great way to make a trading system fair and not exploited. Progensis concepts on trading are worth checking out if you haven’t. His/her breeding concept seems interesting as well.

Again, I hope this helps! Shrimp.


You didnt understand most of it
Example: Pokestop beacons are for gettering players if you are a rural
Another example: friend system wont spam servers


Actually I did, that’s why I responded. I get your beacon idea. However, don’t think they’ll apply in game when have ideas like nurse joy and police gaurd event being presented. That’s why said " speaks on some levels". Also, I have played apps with chat and friend systems in game. Due to the player mass and amount of pings there have been issues that arise. Obviously they get fixed, but like I said if Niantic can rely on third party source of communication they should.


You can’t get master ball when you are level 40