Keep running out of pokeballs


Anyone noticed with recent events that they keep running out of pokeballs. I have I have 5 in total at moment 1 ultra 1 great 3 pokeballs. Fortunately everywhere I go there is a PokéStop at end of my drive Andy one at end of garden. New just before Christmas. I did not place them through ingress someone I know did for me


I thought yes event over after kanto event get pokeballs again then next event came. Then I though right that’s it events over balls for char,Andre event. But nope mother’s pops up good events though


This new Fighting event, you get extra items when spinning discs at gyms. I noticed on my way home from work, if I spun a gym disc where I had a monster and gold badge, I got 14 items. Curious to see what I get for daily streak in the morning.


Same problems for me, later I will see the strike…


sunday i was happy the event would end so i could have some relaxed play time and restock my items (pokeball mostly). 24 hours later: new event that will last for almost 2 weeks… great (sigh)
Too soon Niantic, too soon! keeping the player base busy is great but this is exhausting!