Just for those complaining about the 8 bit graphics


The Pokémon company has said that the graphics are to go away on about the 7th of April


About time, awful feature. April fools lasts 1 day not 8.


Oh nooooo god forbit some 5 year old sprites, I want the bland ones back!
At least this makes it a bit interesting


Since many people also liked it, there should be an option for toggling between 8bit and normal sprites.


I know a lot of folks have nostalgia for these graphics, but since this game is my first exposure to Pokémon, I am in the camp of wanting this one day event to only last one day! S0PK has the right idea though. If people like the nostalgia, there should be a toggle setting since they have the graphics in the game already.


Yeah, these 8 bit graphics are better than the original Pokémon go ones