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Page 5 so far. Just waiting to trade with people. Only reason why I haven’t just gotten it done already is because I wanted to help the hubby out once he gets there, on top of patiently waiting for a trade to happen soon. It’s quite an important one for me.


Page 4 lol


I just need to win a raid to complete it. But work the last 4 days has not allowed me to do that.


On 4. But I have to wait until Monday to get to 5.
And then I will need to meet up with @Brobraam. (He lives the closest to me).


Luckily I was able to do all trading and battling with @Jaxxon8


I just trade with @Brobraam. But I could meet @Jormdeworm but that I would most likely combine with a day trip. He lives about an hour driving from here. And there are enough thing to do over there for me. Nature, museums, stops and Gyms…


I need to hatch an Egg and catch a Legendary before I get to stage 5. I’ll get my 7th Stamp today though.


If you have nothing to do tomorrow we could trade lol

(Lets discuss this further in the dutch chat)


Do battling needs to be face to face?


Not for UF and up I think


No. I battled on an other continent. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll get it Monday, or I have to get lucky at a raid.


I now just have to claim the Eevee but when I find a Shiny I usually don’t find another on the same day so I’m waiting until the evening before I catch it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah. The guy who battles me most often lives about 2K miles from me (based on the locations of the gifts that come from his trainer). All you need is to be ultra friends.


I got my Shiny Raikou and a shiny caterpie same day I claimed Eevee.