IV Checkers...once and for all...Against ToS or no?


Having a discussion on a facebook forum…we all know the IV checkers that require a login are definitely against TOS. But what about the ones that don’t like CalcyIV and PokeGenie? They are overlays that grab the screen data to make a determination about IV…are they officially OK?

Thank you!


Pokegenie is ok, so is Calcy IV


So, just to be clear, that’s official word from Niantic?


No. But there is nothing in the terms of service against them.


The words spoken here arent official. But are read an interpreted the way majority rules.
Loging into a IV checker is bad.
All others are fine.
I believe is the standard ?


I like Pokegenie. It’s simplicity is the greatest plus.

  • Pokegenie
  • Calcy IV

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The TOS can be only invaded by applications which read your account and invade the propper application.

Apps which only see the same as you at the screen and interprete them with base on formulae and meassuring circles and similars never can be against TOS. Maybe they don’t like them, but there’s nothing to do against them


I thought ToS is only against those that touch the game itself

As for which is better, I prefer Genie, looks a lot better IMO and can scan even level 40 Mons


Niantic won’t ever say a word about Genies legitimacy (It involves their company name + an app taking screenshots of your phone), but I strongly believe it is safe to use, since it doesn’t access your account info to scan your poke storage.
Back when I discovered IVs, I was naive enough to download a login-IV checker. Had no idea it was against ToS, so I got a red warning about 3 months later. Now I’ve been using Genie for the same period of time, and still no warnings.


They should not be able to detect PokéGenie. Simple because it is in no way connected to the Pokémon Go app as far as I know. It’s just an app that monitors some predetermined data-points, but only on your command.


Niantic has access to every app on your phone regardless if it’s running or not I just found this out that’s know if you’re using the gym Hunter


They are able to detect apps you use with Pokémon GO open(idk how that android function is called)