Is KingQ07 banned forever?


Is he banned forever? Not sure…

Count to 7500 challenge!

I think so…


Just checked, he’s not listed and suspended or silenced, so i don’t know what happened


He’s suspended until September 25, 3018, so you could assume so.


Oh god but he was an active regular @kingQ07


Maybe that was a mistake @jormdeworm


I could not find him using @


What happened?


He called people cheaters in the CD discussion


I dunno. Perhaps he crossed the line too many times and the last drop was him calling the “hardcore players” cheaters kn my community day topic


Suspension for a millennium though, wtf


Perhaps permanentst banned is not possible. This is the closest to eternity, i guess since no one lives longer than 130 years


@Brobraam I think it does that always for banned and regulars but it also does for @MEME.


I think it is an error, if @thorend wanted to ban him forever he would delete his account


I do get that he cant believe that people are level 40. I couldnt believe that as Well until i said to myself Lets get to level 40 fast. From that day forward i tried to gain at least 25K exp a day (before friendship)

Now i know it is possible, only 4,3mil before level 40


And i do think that if i would have played more or used more lucky eggs I could have reached 30mil exp at end of this year.

But i played as i did and i am fine with that


You kight reach 30 mill, you never know what will come next.


Because I was tagged I will answer your inquiry. For those wondering he is gone forever. He has been banned 2 times previously. The fact that he accused 2 GoHub staff and multiple active members cheaters was the last straw.

His constant rude remarks, unfounded accusations, his past suspensions, couple with the fact he fails to meet the age requirements that were set for the forum left me little choice. I do understand his frustration as a rural player but the issues he has are beyond the control of members of these forums.

As for the duration of the suspension the system default for a “forever” suspension defaults to 100 years. I do not take lightly giving out suspensions especially when it means removing an active member of these forums but in this case I firmly believe it is the right thing to do.

@Jormdeworm @Brobraam @Pokemon @JoshHack @Necrozmadabest


I completely understand, he has been suspended before.


Can’t he just make a new account like ProGamer21 did