Is earth day event, now?


I live in the netherlands(GMT+1) is earth day event now and how long will it last?


It’s not in the Netherlands, sadly. Or I haven’t seen that.


Here you can see where it is.


I mean the stardust


It’s worldwide so yes


Stardust bonus will only start after the clean up event is over, once they tallied the amount of registered volunteers. And, since we’ll have to wait for the US event to finish for the final results (curse timezones, why can’t earth just be flat?!), we probably won’t see the stardust bonus before 10PM (Paris time) tonight. Possibly even later.


K im round that timezone so i will play the day after its released


I guess we haven’t even reached the bonuses.


No matter if the bonus was reached or not, they should at least let us know…

And I have heard about so many small private groups doing some cleanup in their region without any registration or official event, that they should give out a little bonus anyways.


Never mind.


Guess we all were a bit too impatient :grin::blush:

I’m not sure though if I like the thought of another shiny I’ll probably never get…