Ingame player status ( online / offline )


Ever wanna battle a friend that is in another country? Don’t know if their on or off?

With a simple online/offline feature, players will be able to tell if someone is available for battle.

Can even include a ghost mode so people wont bother you.

  • Yes we need online/offline/ghost
  • No

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Don’t people already do this with their buddy??


Some people do that, yes. But it’s quite annoying to change the Buddy’s name everytime.


Name changing buddy is the bootleg version of this.

A simple green dot next to name would suffice.


Agree with @Jormdeworm. I do not change nicknames.


it’s so stupid because we have to do it every time we get on then


I didnt even know I could change nicknames.


Open Pokémon Go and select a Pokemon. On the right side of it’s name is a pencil. Click on that. (In the picture, next to Raikou.)


Oh nvm, I know that, I tought there was a way to change the nickname of a friend. ( my bad )


Also possible. :blush:


Ok , thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Not only do I want this, but it would be very easy to implement.


I voted no because as nice as it might be to have that awareness, it would add a bunch of network traffic just to propagate updates throughout the world’s servers. And there are already more than enough game-play related features that merit addition and have their own runtime overhead.

It would also nudge the game more towards social-networking functionality, when Discord seems to fill that role pretty nicely, by itself.