Improving IV's of pokémon



I always thought of an update to Pokemon go which might actually let the trainer to improve the IV of his Pokemon.I really think the concept of fixed IV is such a drag.
I mean we could make use of that battle girl medal which is left abandoned.
I don’t know if it’s only me,but it feels like a bond is there with the Pokemon I frequently use to battle.
What do you guys think???


I mostly agree. I too feel that my 14 att rock smash shiny Tyrannitar i have spend much time and dust into could use an IV boost. The idea of never being able to impove him is wack.
That said: if they do something like IV-inproving it should be very time consuming / hard and only for 1 IV point at a time. It definately shouldn’t be easy. Just on the top of my head: using the amount of battles won on that pokemon is a nice requirement, and even makes sence


Yeah, true!
But,In the original games there are factors called abilities.
Which changes from mon to mon.
So if we can improve those by constantly using our Pokemon or like training with them we can chisel out personally designed monsters.
Which inturn will be a great plus point once PvP is introduced
At the current scenario,there are no manually alterable factors to improve the performance of pokémon.


What do abilities have to do with IVs?


Well I meant,if abilities can somehow improve IV s when they are used in a battle.
Everytime the Pokemon uses them it could grant an IV improval.
For example(just my view),abilities can be used as an exclusive move per Pokemon such that blaze for an infernape as a last resort. When abilities are used,if somehow it could improve IV it would be a big deal.
Its Just my opinion…


I do like the concept of being able to improve the IV stats of a Pokemeon in the game.
What ever in game metrics/mechanics are used it needs to be a very slow grind to get something to 15 15 15 though.
I do like the idea of having to use them to battle with as part of it. That would give me some incentive to use some thing else other than my Machamps or Tyranitars to get the job done as quick as posssible so I can move on to the next one. At the moment there is no incentive to sit at a Gym bashing away with an inadequate Pokemon taking more time just for something different.


Well it’s all in the hands of trainerNIA :grin:


There are only three more abilities like Blaze tho


Check it out.It is a detailed list of all the abilities in the pokeverse.


Only three are like Blaze tho


Blaze,fairy aura,dark aura,overgrow,high power there are tons of abilities which can be used.
But it depends on how the game uses them.


Auras are exclusive to legendaries, Huge Power is exclusive to Azu and Mawile


After all it’s just my opinion…
The point is,it can have a pretty good impact on the game.


I agree with being able to raise the IVs, I just think the abilities could have a different use
Like boosting your attack when you drop low enough or just doubling it


Yeah that will be nice!..
Anyways it’s always a mystery the way niantic thinks…
Lol :grin:


Yeah doubt we will get either of that


I would like to see that feature implemented. A challenging set of tasks for each point of IV would add a fun new element to the game.


Even like “catch 100 Pokémon” for 1 Iv point increase would be worth it. Do you know how annoying it is to have a bunch of 98% mons that will never be perfect :sob:? Not complaining about 98s but they’re so close… or even do 3 raids or 3 excellent throws in a row… don’t give it away but challenge those who are up for it :muscle:t3:


So true!


I agree with iv improving over time. My ttars have been with me in hundreds of raid, gym takeovers, and defending but never see any improvements. In the sun and moon series they improve, the original series red and… The other one, they got better the more they were battled. It seems silly they don’t in pogo. An athlete gets stronger the more they train… Just saying. Looking at you niantic. :wink: