I'm getting Gardevoir, and I need help


I have a couple options:
73 IV Kirlia with 15 attack, 5 defense, and 13 hp.
86.7 IV Ralts with 13 attack, 13 defense, and 13 hp.
I have 97 candies and 16 rare candies. Should I wait for the ralts, wait for community day, or evolve the Kirlia?


Ralts because its IV is balanced and better


Wait for CD

  • Wait to Evolve Ralts
  • Evolve Kirlia
  • Wait for CD

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Wait for community day. You might get a better IV one. Gardevoir isn’t overly meta relevant


Do more Kirlia’s raid, just keep doing it till get 100%, if the raids ends and you got a 98, 96, 93 or 91, that’s your winner.


Ok , I’ll try today and Friday but they are rare…


For sure I won’t evolve the 73 kirlia
1/ because of triple xp for new dex entry now, do you need these extra xp?
2/ do you need gardevoir now?
3/ don’t spend rc on it, do more kirlia raid, get more ralts candy, possibly rc and possibly higher IV kirlia, which will save you 25 ralts candy when evolving to gardevoir
4/ don’t transfer kirlia, wait for ralts CD day


However it may be a while before the CD happens


I’m currently working on my second Gardevior because it’s female. Next good male Ralts I get will be for Gen 4.


I try to raid kirlia, try to get high IV and make one, save me 25 candies evolving to gallade


@Pokémon, one more thing I would like to add is: I heard Ralts cannot be hatched from 10k egg anymore, so the best chance to get Ralts candy and high IV is Kirlia raid, don’t miss Kirlia raid.


I’ll try tommorow when I go to the Santa Monica Pier.


Pinap Kirlia :grinning:


Of course. Silver Pinap???


from my gift??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


No i got a kings rock from that.


for one caan ralts is onluy speculation


Wait for CD or a better Ralts/Kirlia.
I do every Kirlia Raid I see and Pinap for the Candy as well as trying to get a really god one.
Yet to get better than 87% from a Raid out of 8 so far.
I’ve got a 100% Male Ralts that I’m saving for Gallade and a 91% 15 attack that I could evolve for my first Gadivor but I’m holding out for a better one. I’ve got the Candy but there’s no hurry so I’ll wait.


I wouldnt waste candies/ dust on either. 13 13 13 okay but you may get a better one as soon as you evolve it. 93 is my cutoff. I have lower ivs that are powered up but since im lvl 40 im working on perfecting my ivs. I use breakpoints as well before i waste time on a particular pokemon. 13iv require a considerable amount of dust/ candies more to equal a 15 attack