I was so hyped to get Mew via Quests, until i read that one specific task


Well if that will be my future…

EDIT: Yes, it is.


I’m at 208 but what can you do with them!


I just saw my last reply and I meant to type 170-180 candy. But now event is over and we ended up all between 600-800 each. We all still have 9 raids to do though. It’s my first day off since last Wednesday so I’ll get started on that.


We each evolved our Magikarp today. I got 6 raids to go until next step. My son has 7. My daughter still has 9 to do. Guess ill be using her account tomorrow.


I’m catched with the *** Ditto, no way to find one for me.


You can just dodge the raid boss for the 3 minutes and lose then it lets you have another go and counts as 2 raids. I didn’t know how many times it lets you reuse the same raid pass if you lose, I only did it the once.


You can keep doing it until the raid timer runs out


My son and I each have only 5 raids to go now. My daughter has 8. He caught 2 Weather boosted Latios today. I got none.


Well ya you have 1/7… still a better ratio than me.


Whenever he gives me a hard time about how many more Legendaries he has then me, I just show my stable of regular Pokemon that would absolutely destroy all his Legendaries.


There isnt a “way” for anyone to find them. You just need to run into it.
Having a large community that shares ditto locations might help tough.


Maybe, but apparently not consistently.

I was getting quite tired of (Oh?) catching Ditto day after day after day (they’re worthless, except for wasting pokeballs to catch 'em), until I got the Special Research task “Catch a Ditto” last week. Haven’t encountered even one Ditto since then. It seems like some pokemon get harder to find in the wild when I draw the task to catch 3 of 'em (it was the case with pidgey-and-mukrow once and swablu twice).


Got my daughter first Latios today and 2nd for myself. Now I need to do 4 raids, son needs 5, and daughter still needs 7.


Atte the end, yes its posible…


Well done👏🏻


It was the excellent curveball throw that actually gave me a harder time.


It gave me a hard time too!


finding water is reaaaly hard for some people
Example: i need to walk 10km for a liitle bit water


I live next to the water, Feebas everywhere for me.


I dont even have one