I need help


I want to claim my mission reward but game says “claim your research breakthrough” but my weekly research reward is latias and i cant catch IT


Try and catch it until it is caught. That is the only way


I tried about 50 times… Is there any easy methods to catch it?


Are you totally missing the throws or is it constantly breaking out?
Without knowing how good/poor your throwing technique is the only way is to keep throwing balls.
If you happen to run out of balls you can run from it and it will still be there to select and try again.


Curve ball. Atleast great throw, Excellent works better. Use berry (razz or golden razz). Use Ultra balls.

Thats pretty much everything to make it easier.


If you’re totally missing it, try waiting until it makes its fast swooping circle and be ready to curve a ball towards that spot where it started the move (it’s where it will be for a couple of seconds).

Do you have any video clips of catching Latias, @Arem1771? I remember learning how to catch Palkia from one of your vids…


Use Pinaps because it can’t run away. Use Ultra balls and a curve. It usually takes me a few tries, but I’ve never not caught one.


Use a golden pinap if you got one. And an ultra all with a curve ball throw.


Check out this playlist here:


If you are a low level, use a golden/silver/razz berry. Throw an ultra ball on curveball, at least try to get a great throw. After 4-5 it will stay inside.
Don´t forget to berry it before throwing the next ball, after he escapes the other ball.


Thx guys for your tips. I have catched it accidentally with great ball, not even great throw ,just curvy ball.


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How many times I got a b*tch with a normal throw after trying before with a great throw…

Edition accepted… :joy:


Maybe you have to know that we call a cockroach a b*tch


I put your thread in the helpdesk category for the useful tips in here.



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